World Clock

7.0 for Mac

A screensaver that shows the date and time in letters


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World Clock is a screensaver for Mac that shows the current date and time in a rather special way. Instead of using the traditional numerical representation, World Clock uses words to indicate the date and time at your location.

Thus if today is 5/29, World Clock transforms those numbers into the corresponding words. The result would be: the twenty-ninth of May.

The same happens with the time, which is the most fun feature on the screensaver; if the time is 18:34:01, World Clock shows it as six ... thirty-one ... and four seconds. (The dots correspond to the words in between the numbers.)

By default, the language in World Clock is English, but you can change it from the options menu. You can also change the color and the size of the text, and set a background image.

A circular display has been included, similar to old-fashioned clocks.

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